" I genuinely think they were happy to see me, which is really weird
because I was (and still am) a nothing. I’m not some kind of big
philosopher. I’m not that smart. I’m not famous. I’m not, nor have I
ever been, big in the Pro-Choice or Pro-Life movements. I’m this woman
who lives in Kansas who sometimes Skypes with people and talks on the
phone with others. People don’t listen to my views and think that I’m
some big thinker. I don’t think I’ve influenced many with my views at
Roni doesn't yet get it. Regular people like her are those that have the most influence. I don't think she should call herself a nothing. Occasionally some of us become famous, but that is not the goal. Everyday people are what we remember most.
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I agree. I thought about inserting a comment about that, but I wanted to allow Roni to speak in her own words. However, I posted a similar comment on her Facebook page when she posted this article. :)
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Well. Let's hope she does become a SCOTUS justice someday ;)