Josh, thanks for your posts and videos, they are really helpful. I'm interested to know your opinion on the most helpful type of posts to share on social media and also the role you believe graphic images of abortion victims play, in pro-life work.
Thanks. God bless.
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Quick thought on social media posts. I think posts that are thoughtful and not overtly offensive to pro-choice people and post-abortive people are key. This rule often frustrates me though, because I like to share a lot of links on Twitter that aren't my own content, and sometimes I'll be reading something that is pretty good, and then the way the author writes about pro-choice people turns me off, or it comes across as too closed-minded to be helpful to people on the other side.
Also, don't post anything that will make you seem like a pro-lifer with "Fetus Tunnel Vision." More on that here: http://joshbrahm.com/4-reasons-pro-lifers-need-to-stop-doing-this/
I'm planning on publishing an e-book on social media tips for pro-life advocates next year, but this will get you started.
On the issue of graphic pictures of abortion victims, I have used them many times in the past. We still use them in our seminars and we plan to use an outreach brochure that has them as well.
Hope that helps!
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Thanks Josh, that does help and has given me something to think about. God bless.