What you call someone to their face depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Let's leave that question aside for now and just think about "pro-abortion" in terms of descriptive accuracy alone.
Though I'm not prepared to present a rigorously-documented case for this view, I have the impression that a lot of strong pro-choicers are surprisingly resentful of crisis pregnancy centers. They seem to resent it whenever they hear a story of an abortion-minded woman who gets sidetracked on her way to have an abortion, and instead chooses life.
Crisis pregnancy centers actually operate within a pro-choice framework. They at most try to influence choices, not to overturn pro-choice laws. So they are not "endangering that right" (to choose). Pro-choicers simply being strongly "pro-abortion-choice" is not enough to explain their (pro-choicers') reacting emotionally against such centers, or trying to restrict the activities of those centers, or trying to influence Google to lower the profile of those centers. If I'm correct that there are such pro-choicers, don't they seem to be pro-abortion?