Chandler, pro-choice people generally don't support abortion as such. They support the choice of whether or not to abort, but they tend to understand abortion as a necessary evil, but nonetheless evil. Now, practically speaking, the pro-choice position may foster more abortions and so the pro-choice position may affirm and excuse the mentality wherein abortions occur, but we would do well to observe and honor the good intentions or the partially correct aspects of their worldview. I've personally never met a person who thinks there should be more abortion, or that abortion is "no big deal." Every prochoice person I've met has a fairly low view of abortion, but they don't believe that alternatives are any better and, in their understanding, women still have some basic right to abortion.
I don't really see a difference between pro-choice, pro-abortion, and pro-death. Aren't they generally the same? Since "choice" is used as a synonym for abortion(a real crime against the English language), I don't really see how it makes a difference.