I understand where you are coming from, but I do not agree that there should be no punishment for women who obtain abortions. Even if the majority of women did not understand that the unborn are fully human and equal in moral value to the born, they would still know they are breaking the law. There should be some level of punishment for that alone. We can’t let people break the law without any consequences whatsoever. If women know there is no criminal risk involved, why wouldn’t they continue to seek abortions? If they continue to seek them, in a capitalist system there will always be doctors willing to perform them. While abortion doctors bear the greater criminal liability, the woman is not without her own measure.

And I do think it is worth the time and effort to determine whether the women was coerced (or to what degree) and what her personal knowledge/beliefs are regarding human development to assess her level of criminal guilt. It may be difficult to determine/prove, but in cases where it is clear, this should be a factor in the extent of the woman’s punishment. Obviously, in some cases, a woman may be given immunity in exchange for information on the abortionist. I wouldn’t preclude such practicalities, but I do oppose a blanket policy that says no abortive women face any penalty under any circumstance.