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Thanks for a good article.

"Complex issues" means a set of issues from which simple issues are excluded, so I don't think it's possible for an issue to be truly complex and simple. It seems to me that the crux of whether it's possible or not in relation to the abortion issue is indicated by this sentence: "And no side issues change the simplicity of the question in any way." The side issues that you mention here seem to refer to what you earlier called complexities, and here you say that there are in fact "side issues." So can't we just say that the abortion issue is a very complex issue for which there is ultimately a clear resolution?

"this might raise questions for you about what ought to be done as far as punishing people for abortions when they’re illegal."

I'll listen to the podcast. I have attempted to deal with those questions in section 1 here: https://humandefense.com/pro-lifers-dont-really-believe-that-zygotes-are-persons/