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Ben Jones
Andrew, I can't express to you how much I appreciate this article. I have read every article ERI has produced for years, as I can always glean information at times to weave into my own pro-life presentations, but I have never so closely identified with an article as I have this one. It is immensely helpful to me (and will definitely be at least a small portion of my future presentations). I'm naturally a very happy upbeat person, but for many years, at times, I feel like I've had to bottle up intense anger over abortion for the exact reasons you describe. I've learned over time when to cut myself off from reading stories and studying the realities of abortion because I can feel the raw anger building up inside me. Other times, it's also sadness as you mention. To read an article that so perfectly articulates my inner emotions over this is incredibly comforting. I've realized that if I let anger run its course and I don't let it go or suppress it when needed, it will take all the wisdom I've acquired over the years regarding the right way to dialogue about this, and the right way to present my pro-life argument, and push it all out the window leaving me with simple hate and condemnation for those who kill precious innocent children, and profit off of a procedure that harms so many women. Sometimes I get angry that other Christians aren't more angry about it! I think Satan can use that anger to make ineffective many a pro-lifer that would otherwise be a strong force for good in this arena. But to combat this, sometimes I feel like I am forced to become more cold to the realities of abortion, and that isn't right either. I think striking that balance will be an ongoing struggle for me, but this article will really help me try to find that balance regarding a healthy and legitimate anger that we should all have about this.
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Ben, I'm grateful for your comment and that you found this article useful! I think finding the balance is a struggle for everyone, and it certainly is for me; I believe only a perfect person would be able to have the proper emotions and affections, in the proper proportions, at all times. Even if that standard is unattainable, it's a good thing to strive for, and improving in this area not only makes us more effective but is a good in and of itself.