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Paul, Nice summary of the app…
Lets say that on Monday January 1 11:00 AM I am working on project “A” and using Evernote and word. I spend 1 hour on these two apps.
I create a project (group) called project “A” and drag the two apps to it to relate to Project A.
Later in the day
At 1:00 PM I am working on Project “B” and I use Evernote and Word for 2 hours
I create a project called (group) called Project B
And I Derag these apps to it.
As I move between these two projects using these two apps how does Timing2 keep track of this?
I am a bit puzzled as to how it bifurcates the app(s) usage when switching between projects?
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Hi John, for a situation like this, I think the best thing to do would be to go onto the "Review" tab and create a task that you assign to the right project. That way, even though you're using the same tools, you can still have them apply to different projects.
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Thank you Paul for your reply. Could you provide an Example. I am not clear on your explanation? Thank you
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So for example, if at 10-11am you use Evernote to work on Project A, then you can click "Add task" from the review page to say: "ABC task" and assign it to project A. Then at 1-2pm you use Evernote again for another project. You Create another task called "XYZ task" and assign to project B. That way, even though you used the same tool, using tasks means you can clearly assign that block of time to different projects. Does this make sense?