What would you like to learn about Asana?
Hey Paul

Very well explained.

The idea having sub-tasks within a „client“ task is very handy.

I have always tried to create a task for a client I used standard tasks and added it to the client list.

One thing spins around inside my head. Reading various articles when it comes to a good project management tool that ClickUp is the new „standard“.

When you start again from the scratch, is Asana still the best option for you? Have you tested other project management tools aside Asana?

My point of view is that Asana is at some point slow when it comes to new features but on the flip side of the coin these features are well thought and integrated into the system.
While ClickUp consistently releases a tons of features nobody needs.

But you, as an expert, what is your opinion?

Thanks for your valuable video and response.

Cheers over.
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I have been using Asana for 10 years and I haven't spent much time with other tools. So if I were going to start over again, I'd still use Asana.

I don't know a lot about Clickup but what I have observed is that Asana will come out with a new feature and I've seen many times Clickup copy their new features or design. So I'm not convinced that they're a very innovative company to be honest.
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Hey Paul

Thanks for your reply.

To be honest. I guess ClickUp is very good and they try to solve a wish for many of us, being in only one app.
But In my opinion choosing they right application for the specific area is much better.

So thanks again for your feedback. You have spoken out what goes through my mind.

Cheers over