What would you like to learn about Asana?
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  1. I highly believe in running my business as a lifestyle business. I don’t want to be that guy running a huge stressful investor focused business. I love that quote A startup’s job is to grow big enough to provide a return to investors. A lifestyle business’s job is to provide a great quality of life to its owners.
  2. Using Contractors – I have been able to massively grow my business with the use of a third party contracted help desk solution with our partner Connectwise. This allows me to grow or even shrink my business rapidly as I now pay for support based on how many endpoints or computers I manage vs internal staff
  3. Working from Home – I also used to work in a coworking space but once Covid hit I converted a backyard garden shed into a 100 Square foot mancave / workspace with my motorized standing desk, a second workbench and even a small couch/ OLED TV with playstation 5 for relaxation. Having a separate physical structure of my own really helps me focus when my son is home from school
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One's life should be designed around what one is passionate to do. Then exchanging time for money does not feel like work. And growth comes naturally when you hang on to the work you do passionately.
Reading (or listening) a book is important to do when we are ready to receive what is coming from the ideas and teachings in the context. And this may not be a constant run all the time. Need time to register, digest and apply.
Minimalism is not for everyone and doesn't have to be. Being able to organize and utilize all you have and having all you will utilize are most important in leading an efficient life.